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The list of subjects offered serves only as a display, and is not exhaustive. Send us an inquiry to determine whether or not we offer services in a particular unlisted subject.

Computer Science Tutoring Online

Computer Science online tutoring services

We make the online tutoring process student specific and the student can chat online with the tutor, see him live on the internet and listen to him when the online computer science tutoring session is live. The student can also use the whiteboard for enhanced interaction.

For regularly evaluating the student's progress we conduct diagnostic tests and use the scientifically generated reports for evaluating his performance. By the combined effort of the tutor and student, we are able to achieve better grades along with deeper understanding of the subject that remains with the student throughout his life and career.

We cover all the subjects of computer science including:

  • Data Structure/ Algorithm
  • Applications
  • Information technology
  • Database Management Systems/DBMS
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Organization/ Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming Languages
  • Data Warehouse/Data Mining
  • Web Design (HTML, PHP, Adobe, Flash, etc.)

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