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How are the classes conducted?

  • For Individual students, our one-on-one Live classes are conducted using Skype; we use Digital White Boards for writing.
  • Group classes are conducted using a Conference tool.

What are the available timings?

  • We work ALL DAYS from 5a.m. to 10 p.m. (IST – Indian Standard Time).You can choose your time slot and accordingly we will allot tutors and schedule your classes.

How long will I take to learn Tamil?

  • It depends on various factors like your knowledge of Tamil/CarnaticMusic/English the kind of effort/time you are planning to put in etc. Our tutor will be able to provide more details after the demo class.

How experienced are your tutors?

  • Our tutors are knowledgeable, experienced and well-educated.

Will the same tutor teach me?

  • Yes, once we fix the tutor, the same tutor will continue teaching you, unless for some reason you request a change


What are the tools required for me to take Tamil classes?

  • You will need a computer with internet connection, headphone or mike/speaker.


How do I make payment?

  • You can pay using either Paypal or Bank account transfer.


Do you provide any support services for the students?

  • Yes, currently we have a WhatsApp group which is being used as a forum to ask questions, clear doubts and share information related to improving your understanding of the Tamil language and culture. By being a member of this group, you will surely learn much more than you paid for.

Will you provide us study material?

  • Yes, we will provide you with a soft copy of the topics covered during the session, in PDF format

What is the eligibility criterion for registering for an online course?

  • There is no specific eligibility criterion. If you have the interest to learn , we are willing to teach you.

How do you plan your classes?

  • Our lessons are designed, based on the needs of our students.
  • For example,most enquiries are from students who wish to learnSpoken Tamil; some require coaching in Reading and Writing; and only a limited number of students are interested in studying Advanced Grammar and Literature.

How can I enroll/ register for a class?

  • Once you contact us and agree to attend a demo session, we make arrangements with the tutor according to your convenience. After the demo, the tutor will answer your questions, if any.If you are satisfied with the process and would like to continue learning with us, you can register on our website, make payment and select your preferred time slot.

What kind of lessons do you provide?

  • For Spoken Tamil,? Spoken Englsih we have created our own lesson plans which are very effective for learning colloquial (conversational) Tamil.
  • We have separate lessons for Kids.

What is the class duration?

  • Each class is for one hour.

Is there any expiry period for the package of classes I buy?

No, you can purchase a 10-class package, and use the classes as and when required

Can I postpone the scheduled class?

  • If you inform the tutor atleast 3 hours in advance, the class can becancelled.

How long you have been teaching Online

  • We are happy to share that it is our 9th year since we started teaching Tamil in 2011.

What is the age of students who learn with you?

  • Our students’ ages range from 4 to 80 years.

How many classes can I take per week?

  • It totally depends on your requirement, but we suggest a maximum of 3 classes per week.

After making payment, in case I am unable to take all the classes I paid for, will you refund my money?

  • Once you have paid for the classes, necessary arrangements will be made with the respective tutor from our end. Please try to take the classes you paid for, as we will be unable to give a refund in case you cannot


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